The  Duck Boat Company
           The  Duck Boat Company
The TDB Company has been purchased for the last time. Tony Homer owner of Waterfowl-Works known for there popular UFO layout boat has purchased the
 TDB Company. and several of the Arthur Armstrong duck boats.  Please be patient while we work of a build schedule and build one of each of the new boat models and have them USCG tested. As you already know the TDB is the first and BEST duck boat available and we plan to make it better using quality products and materials. We will cut no corners in bring back the best duck boat's on the planet.We are looking for current owners input on what they like and dislike about there TDB or Arthur Armstrong duck boats. So if your boat is listed below and you have an idea or comment about your boat please send us an email as we want to hear from you. We look forward to bring the Original Duck boats back to the world of waterfowling and will once again make them affordable as well as being the best duck boat built.


Great news the Sea Class 14 and Sea Class 17 are now available for order. Visit the proper web pates to read all about them now.


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