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Olsen Marine, Inc. is the proud owner of The Duck Boat Company back in its New England roots. The 14', 17', and 21' SeaClass, along with the TDB 14' Classic, are in production and we are currently taking orders for the 2020 season. CLICK HERE to order your boat today! Plans are underway to re-introduce the older AA Wigeon and the TDB Scull Boat this year. Interested in these models? Let us know by contacting us now


At Olsen Marine, we take pride in our long history of quality boat building. Now, we have the ability to offer duck hunters the same tradition, designs, reliability, and durability that made The Duck Boat Company stand out in the past.

The Duck Boat Company

Founded in Damariscotta, Maine in 1985 by Bill and Dean Clark, TDB, Co. became the leading manufacturer of high-end waterfowl hunting boats for commercial and private use. 

"The products were designed to work effectively,

manufactured by hand to last a lifetime,

and marketed with straight-forward honesty."


In July of 2017, The Duck Boat Company found a new home at Olsen Marine, Inc. on Cape Cod where our experience in building quality boats will ensure that their tradition continues.

TDB founders, Bill and Dean Clark

Tradition, Quality, Performance...  Olsen Marine, Inc. adheres to the ethics and principles that TDB, Co. was built on. We take our personal gunning seriously and recognize the need for dependable, high-quality boats. Safety is a primary concern with the design being driven by functionality and performance in the elements. We strive to offer peace of mind to dedicated sportsmen and their families.

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Made in America ~ East Dennis, Cape Cod, MA USA
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