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The TDB Arthur Armstrong 12' WIGEON
TDB Wigeon is one of the best sneakbox models on the market

The TDB Arthur Armstrong Wigeon is one of the more versatile duck boats in the industry today. It comes very close to being all things to all people! Its low profile, wide beam and semi-vee hull design afford the waterfowler a shallow draft and a stable shooting platform capable of running safely across big water.


The cockpit area allows a snug fit for two hunters and a dog (or one hunter and two dogs, (or three dogs and no hunter . . . ). It's easily transported in the back of even a small pick-up truck. One great advantage of this boat is that it only takes 7.5 horsepower to get her up to planing speed.


The TDB AA Wigeon comes with features that allow its owner get on the water quickly and easily. Standard features include: a basic light package, marine grade lifting handles on transom and deck, bow tie-off cleat, towing ring, transom plate, cockpit drain, motor splash well, and foam flotation. The Wigeon's Gelcoat is finished on the outside with a stippled surface to prevent glare and slipping.


Additional TDB AA Wigeon options include a Spray Dodger Blind, Cockpit Cover and a Coaming Grassing Band.


The timeless Olsen Marine TDB AA Wigeon is built to the same industry leading standards as our 14, 17 & 21 SeaClass models, just a bit smaller package, and a much more affordable price!


TDB AA Wigeon -
TDB AA Wigeon -
The TDB Wigeon is built by the Duck Boat Company
  • Original, proven, AA design

  • Hand-laid construction

  • No wood to rot or maintain

  • Transom Plate

  • Solid color Gelcoat

  • Marine Grade Lifting handles

  • Marine Grade Tie off Cleat

  • Tow Ring

  • Stippled finish on deck

  • LED navigation lights

  • One 12V outlet

  • USB charging port

Available Upgrades:

  • TOP GUN Snap Cockpit Cover

  • Hard Locking Cover

  • Spray Dodger and Frame

  • Interior LED Lighting

  • And more...

  • Length: 12’ 4”

  • Beam: 50”

  • Draft: 3” fully loaded

  • Weight: 180 LBS

  • Cockpit opening: 70” x 29”

  • Cockpit depth: 15”

  • Person capacity: 2 Persons

  • Weight capacity: 525 LBS

  • Maximum HP: 10


TDB boats are made in America
Our boats are custom made to order.

Please contact us at 508-385-2180 


for current pricing, upgrade,

trailer and engine options. 

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