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Plan for next season now... Refurbish and update!
TDB Sea Trials and Rehabs. The Duck Boat Company offers services to bring your boat back to original quality.

We offer refits for those boats in need of a fluff, buff or updates... Call us today.


We offer new gel-coat in or on the hull, reinforcement where needed, new wiring, new electrical components, rails, hydraulic jack plates and more. We can go through your boat from top to bottom,

bow to stern and return her to its original glory... just in time for the 2021 season! 

Call 508-385-2180 or for more details.

This TDB 17 SeaClass changed from TDB Traditional Camo to TDB Ocean Camo.
TDB Remodels and Servicing gave this boat a re-enforced and repaired bottom
This 14 SeaClass had her bottom repaired and re-enforced
TDB offers updated electrical components
17 SeaClass with a custom paint job to the owner's specs
TDB 17 SeaClass had a complete refurbish
TDB Remodeling and Refurbish services offer new LED electronics and grassing rails
TDB 17 SeaClass with a fresh remodel and paint job
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