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TDB SeaClass Models 

The TDB Company is again at the forefront of the duck hunting world. Olsen Marine, Inc. has made this iconic boat and brand safer, stronger, and more advanced than ever before.


We are using the same designs and molds that were developed in Maine by Bill and Dean Clark, then further advanced by Christian Buehner. These boats still have the same stable and seaworthy hull, designed to keep their passengers safe in duck hunting’s rigorous conditions. But now, Olsen Marine, Inc. is improving the construction quality even further by making them the only duck hunting boat built by Resin-Infusion. 

Custom Camo built into every boat and applied to the blinds to match and hide.

This advanced Resin Infusion technology allows for less waste, while maintaining precise resin control and a cleaner work environment. The fiberglass is hand-laid into the mold, compressed under a vacuum bag, then resin is forced into the material by a vacuum. This results in a higher strength to weight ratio. The end product is a stronger, sturdier boat, without additional weight. To add to the strength and rigidity of the boat, we use foam core in critical sections of the hull, as well as in the cockpit sole and in the deck to give you an absolutely rock-solid gunning platform. 

We incorporated more foam into our construction, adding reserve buoyancy further increasing the safety of a boat that already has an incredibly safe reputation. We upgraded the electrical system on board to utilize only top-of-the-line brands for all electrical components and LED lighting to ensure years of trouble-free use.


We believe that Olsen Marine's unique advances to the TDB construction only further improves these legendary boats that started the boat/blind revolution . Our commitment to quality construction secures TDB's place as the safest, warmest and best built duck hunting boats available.




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