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The TDB Original 16 Scull Boat
TDB 16 Scull Boat is a two-man sculler and perfect for quietly sneaking up on the birds.

It's back... and better than ever! The TDB 16 Scull Boat, also known as a “Todd” boat, is built in the Merrymeeting Bay style of scullers.  This two person sculling boat provides the modern hunter with an up-to-date version of an old-time gunning rig.  As more and more hunters rediscover sculling, a 19th century hunting tactic for slowly and deliberately sneaking up on unsuspecting birds on open water or drifting down rivers, the TDB 16 Scull Boat has become a favorite!


The TDB 16 Scull cockpit provides comfortable space for 2 hunters, or one hunter and a dog, along with room to tuck away your decoys and boat gear. It's sleek shape and 3" draft give hunters that ability to get into hard to reach hiding spots and skinny water, and the built-in flotation provides that TDB safety and security to her scullers.  


The standard model includes composite grassing rails, the wide tri-color camo gelcoat pattern, custom composite seating and floor boards. The Tradition Upgrade offers the old-time wooden rails, cedar seating and floorboards, along with a Shaw and Tenney Sculling Oar. We are also working on patterning a cockpit cover to protect your gear and keep the cockpit space clean and dry.

This timeless TDB 16 Scull Boat by Olsen Marine is built to the same industry leading standards as our 14, 17 & 21 SeaClass models, just in a smaller, skinnier package, and a more affordable price!


TDB 16 Scull Boat -
The TDB 16 Scull boat is made by The Duck Boat Company
TDB 16 Scull Boat -
  • Original, proven, TDB design

  • Hand-laid construction

  • Molded-in 3-color camo gel coat

  • Nylon grassing rails

  • Installed Flotation Foam

  • Custom Seating

  • Custom Floorboards

  • Motorwell for Small Outboard

Available Upgrades:

  • Shaw & Tenny© Sculling Oar

  • Traditional Wooden Rails

  • TOP GUN© Snap Cockpit Cover  with supports

  • Spray Dodger and Frame

  • And more...

  • Length: 16’ 0”

  • Beam: 45”

  • Draft: 3” fully loaded

  • Weight: 185 LBS

  • Cockpit opening: 31” x 51”

  • Cockpit depth: 15”

  • Person capacity: 2 Persons

  • Weight capacity: 650 LBS

  • Maximum HP: 9.9


TDB boats are made in America
Our boats are custom made to order.

Please contact us at 508-385-2180 


for current pricing, upgrade,

trailer and engine options. 

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